The Reindeer and The Caribou watercolor, gilded gold 2022

Daisy Crown, watercolor and pen, 2021

Haunting Thoughts, watercolor, 2021

The Rat King, watercolor, and pen, 2021

Human Heart No. 4, watercolor and ink, 2021

Cold Hearted, watercolor, 2021

The False Prophet, watercolor and pen, 2020

Swallowing Tears, watercolor, 2020

Dirty Fingernails, pen, 2020

Hands To Self, watercolor, 2020

Lepus, watercolor and pencil, 2020

Counting Sheep, pen, 2020

When Pigs Fly No. 2, watercolor, 2020

Safe Slumber, watercolor and pen, 2020

Serpent and Lamb, pen and pencil, 2020

Sleepyhead, watercolor and pen, 2019

Creation of Narwhal, white charcoal, 2018

Late Bloomer, pen, 2018

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